ECMO Boot Camp – Day 1

Welcome to ECMO Boot Camp!!

Today you are welcome to a rarity in modern medicine, we will posting an ENTIRE ECMO course online, for free! This will be a weekly event for a three week stretch. I hope you enjoy the lectures and share them with all your colleagues. 

Please note: listening to this course does not give you enough information to practice ECMO on your own. You also will not have enough knowledge to consider yourself an expert (but it’s a good start!)

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Jim Lantry

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Just your average critical care doc: Wandering the ED and ICUs for the USAF down in the San Antonio Military Medical Center, traveling the globe to cannulate for ECLS wherever the need arises, and trying to keep up with great minds of today. E:

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  1. Dr. Haji Mohammed Ismail

    I am an Critical Care Consultant at St Johns Medical College hospital, Bangalore, INDIA.
    I interested for this on line ECMO course.

    1. Author
      Jim Lantry

      We are happy that you are listening in. I hope it is a fantastic guide to allow you to bring ECMO into your daily practice.

  2. Deborah Nelson

    Jim–Kudos to you and your team; this is a superb program!!!! I am an APN working as a clinical support for Maquet Getinge Group (Cardiohelp) and love, love, love this program. The content is right on and the faculty does an EXCELLENT job of delivery in a practical, “real world” style. Thank you for making this available for all!

    1. Author
      Jim Lantry

      Thank you so much for your input. We hope to provide many new opportunities in the future.

  3. Cindy Oquist

    I am very interested in taking your ecmo course. When will it be offered again?

    1. Author
      Jim Lantry

      It is given once a year, but mainly only accepts AD military health care providers.

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