ECMO Boot Camp – Day 2

Welcome BACK to ECMO Boot Camp!!

Today we continue with day 2 of ECMO training. The speakers today have been practicing ECMO for numerous years and what you are going to hear is information garnered from hundreds of ECMO cases. This course is tailored to both give beginners some foundation on ECMO and also introduce some novel concepts to those in the audience that consider themselves experts. I can assure you, everyone will gain something from these lectures! 

Please note: listening to this course does not give you enough information to practice ECMO on your own. You also will not have enough knowledge to consider yourself an expert (but it’s a good start!)

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Jim Lantry

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Just your average critical care doc: Wandering the ED and ICUs for the USAF down in the San Antonio Military Medical Center, traveling the globe to cannulate for ECLS wherever the need arises, and trying to keep up with great minds of today. E:

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  1. Deepak Kadiyala

    Thank you Dr.Mccurdy / Dr.Lantry for posting this wonderful series. ECMO physiology talk was very informative and the math was good.

    1. Author
      Jim Lantry

      Thank you so much for your input. We try to make things as open and available as possible at all times.

      1. Hugh

        I hope it is an easy fix. I would be sad lose the whole video as it is a passionate review of day to day critical care with an ecmo bonus. You are welcome to delete my original post if needed. 🙂

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